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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Anchor Pins, Pack Of One Hundred

Item Number 2851452

Regular price $26.00

These are the same pins as our part number 2340171, but in a bulk package of 100 pieces. Any ball-end string will fit perfectly over the anchor pin, providing your instrument with a clean, contemporary (and secure) string anchor point. 

Our anchor pins are 1" long, and even though they have a tapered point on one end, we strongly recommend drilling a pilot hole in the wood.

We use of a #49 (size) drill bill for making the holes that will accommodate these anchor pins. Here's a link to the drill bit we use here at the Folkcraft shop.

This is the same pin as is found in our four-pack, but at a much lower price per pin. Some people call these dulcimer anchor pins "string posts".

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
joseph hennes
Missing part

Called about missing part pin for string was in mail that day received next day no charge .Able to play Dulcimer that day.What a great kit quality was top of the line thank you Richard .Joe

Shelton Moore
Needed a few parts for a build.

I got what I needed very quickly. Parts are good quality.

Joseph E Conrad
Tear Drop

Great kit and materials. Instruction could use some actual pictures of the steps

Scott Conner

The Folkcraft anchor pins are great! I buy the 100 packs, they are much stronger than trying to use small brass nails.

Nathine Goldenthal
Solid well made

Consistent size and diameter make them easy to install