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Folkcraft® Roller-Wound Brass Wound String, Ball End, .024

Item Number 9022074

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Our brass wound (roller-wound, abbreviated RW, or in the case of this particular string, .024RW) string has been (partially) flattened with rollers, which reduces the “squeak” you get with regular wound strings. Ball end, American made, and the best quality available from any source. This is a pack of one (single) string.

This particular string is .024" (24/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .024RW. Each string has a total length of 37 inches (37"), and has approximately 36" of that total length covered with the brass winding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Scott Conner
Roller wound brass strings

These are by far the best bass strings I've ever played in my 23 years of dulcimer playing! No squeaks when sliding and they last a LONG time before going dead. I highly recommend them!

Susie C.
Roller-Wound are Great

I bought some of these individual Roller-Wound strings to make some custom dulcimer strings sets for myself. Love these, and it's nice that Folkcraft offers individual strings for this purpose.

John Butler
Dulcimer strings

One string in each group was to.big. wanted to tune TO DAAA, could not tune the 3rd string to an A. Otherwise everything was fine, instrument sounds good. JB

Gary C
Quality strings

Good quality strings just like you’d expect from Folkcraft. As mentioned in the description, these squeak less than round wound but are certainly not a “non-squeak” option. Have realistic expectations and you will be happy with the tone of these strings.

Herb McMurtry

Folkcraft is simply another way of saying “ Excellence! In all dealings with Richard Ash and Company!