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Mark Gilston - Irish Tunes For Mountain Dulcimer, Volume 2

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This is a book of sheet music, a collection of Irish tunes. Put together by Mark Gilston, this is the second volume in a two-volume set that showcases many of the greatest Irish melodies.

All songs are arranged for mountain dulcimer solo, in DAD tuning.

41 pages.

Songs included:

Another Jig Will Do - DAD Tuning
Bank Of Ireland - DAD Tuning
Beauty In Tears - DAD Tuning
Black Rogue - DAD Tuning
Blackthorn Stick - DAD Tuning
Blind Mary - DAD Tuning
Boy In The Gap - DAD Tuning
Boys Of Blue Hill - DAD Tuning
Brian Boru's March - DAD Tuning
Castle Kelly - DAD Tuning
Cooley's Reel - DAD Tuning
Dever The Dancer - DAD Tuning
Drops Of Brandy - DAD Tuning
Egan's Polka - DAD Tuning
Fairies, The - DAD Tuning
Foxhunter's Reel - DAD Tuning
Fraher's Jig - DAD Tuning
Harvest Home - DAD Tuning
I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave - DAD Tuning
Irish Washerwoman - DAD T|uning
Irishman's Heart To The Ladies - DAD Tuning
Jockey To The Fair - DAD Tuning
Julia Delaney - DAD Tuning
Kid On The Mountain - DAD Tuning
Killarney Boys Of Pleasure - DAD Tuning
King Of The Fairies - DAD Tuning
Langstrom's Pony - DAD Tuning
Morrison's Jig - DAD Tuning
Moorlough Shore - DAD Tuning
Musical Priest - DAD Tuning
Peeler's Jacket - DAD Tuning
Rights Of Man - DAD Tuning
Saddle The Pony - DAD Tuning
Ships Are Sailing - DAD Tuning
Smash The Windows - DAD Tuning
Star Of The County Down - DAD Tuning
Tear The Calico - DAD Tuning
Tobin's Favourite - DAD Tuning
Trip To Durrow - DAD Tuning
Wise Maid - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cecil Adcock

I only play in DAA so I have to convert the Music from DAD and I have not done so as of yet. I do like what I see.

Stephen Carney
Mark Gilston Irish Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. 2

This is a great book that includes songs that are often difficult to find for mountain dulcimer, like King of the Fairies. The arrangements are great and the TAB is easy to read.

John Woodward
Strings and Book

Arrived very quickly, all the way to Japan. Haven't used the strings yet, Japanese summers aren't kind on strings so I'll wait til the autumn. Book is great, quite a few tunes I've learnt on my other instrument, the flute, so I'm having a lot of fun learning them from another angle.