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Folkcraft® Plain Steel Strings, Loop Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .013

Item Number 2310097

Regular price $9.00

These loop end steel strings are bulk packed for best pricing. You will find these strings to be of the utmost quality to give your instrument the tone and clarity you want. 

This particular string is .013" (13/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .013PS (Plain Steel). Each string is 45 inches (45") long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
William Stoner
.015 ball end strings

I put these on my 6 string folkcraft dulcimer. They replaced .013 strings and made the dulcimer louder.

Herb McMurtry
Ball end steel strings….

Always great quality and great service…Being able to purchase a dozen strings of the same size in a package is very helpful…and the price is very good.

William Stoner
.013 pack of 12 strings

I put these on a 6 string folkcraft dulcimer and the increased the volume of my instrument. They also have a good sound.

John Butler
Dulcimer strings

Quick service reasonable prices. Think I may have received 2 incorrect strings, for tuning in DAAA

Brandon Horton
Great Strings .11 For Melody

These are perfect for the melody strings. Especially if you have double melody strings on your dulcimer. The sound is great, not too trebley as the .10 gauge and not as difficult on the fingers as the .12 gauge strings. The .11 gauge is a good medium ground for me. I highly recommend the folkcraft .11 strings!