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Jim Miller - Beyond D: 18 Tunes In "A" And "G"

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When it is time to get away from "all open strings", and start working on some "let's use a capo" repertoire, this is a great book to help you with that goal. Jim Miller is renowned as an instructor, and this book is a carefully thought out collection of tunes designed to teach you some amazing repertoire, let you have some fun, and get comfortable with using your capo. 

Definitely get this book!

24 pages.

Songs included:

Benton’s Dream (Capo 4)
Chinquapin Hunting (Capo 4)
Cotton Eyed Joe (Capo 4)
Huntin’ The Buffalo (Capo 4)
June Apple (Capo 4)
Little Billy Wilson (Capo 4)
Old Joe Clark (Capo 4)
Red Haired Boy (Capo 3)
Sandy Boys (Capo 4)
Tater Patch (Capo 4)
Wild Rose Of The Mountain
Golden Slippers (Capo 3)
Nail That Catfish To A Tree (Capo 3)
Seneca Squaredance (Capo 3)
Redwing (Capo 3)
Shove The Pig’s Foot A Little Closer To The Fire (Capo 3)
Squirrel Heads And Gravy (Capo 3)
Turkey In The Straw (Capo 3)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
E Posey
Jim Miller beyond D

Helpful in learning to transition from key of D

Nancy Boch

Just what I was looking for. Only wish there were more songs in it.