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Erin Mae - Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia

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Some instruction (how-to for the chromatic mountain dulcimer) plus a SLEW of chord charts make this a great book for you. From the reining queen of chromatic mountain dulcimer (national champion, renowned performer, all-around nice person), this reference book has what every dulcimer player needs when learning to play a chromatic instrument.

Definitely get this book of mountain dulcimer chords - it is highly recommended.

74 pages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael G Watson

Erin Mae - Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia

Joedy Studer
Wonderful Chord Book

This book has everything about all the chords you need to know. It has charts for standard chord notation and both chromatic and diatonic numbering, which are easy to find and understand. Plus much more! This is a must-have book!

Daris Magoffin
Satisfied customer

Very complete and well organized. A joy to use.

Alan Richter
Chromatic Moutain Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia

Erin Mae's book provides all the chords you could possibly want to play on a chromatic mountain dulcimer tuned to D-A-D. A good complement to Bing Futch's book for the chromatic dulcimer.

Doug Cox
Everything needed for the professional or serious amateur.

High quality exercises and chord fingering information for those serious about the mountain dulcimer. Not for the faint of heart :)