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Linda Brockinton - Understanding The Harmonious Dulcimer

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For Beginning to intermediate level players.
Contains information about chording, tunings, counting, strumming and flat or finger-picking styles. Lots of instructions and songs for beginners, but is challenging enough for intermediate players. Also includes detailed chord shape charts and examples of flat and fingerpicking styles.

48 pages.

Songs included:

Boil That Cabbage - Single Melody Line And Chords
Boil That Cabbage - Strummed And Picked (In Three Different Picking Patterns)
Cotton Eyed Joe
I Know Where I'm Goin' - Traditional Scottish Melody
Old Joe Clark - Single Line Melody
In The Pines - Traditional Folksong
I'll Fly Away
Little Liza Jane
O How I Love Jesus - Strum Tab
O How I Love Jesus - Fingerpick Or Flatpick Tab
Joyful Joyful - Strum
Joyful Joyful - Fingerpick
Cockles And Mussels - Strum
Cockles And Mussels - Fingerpick
Nothing But The Blood 1
Nothing But The Blood 2 (Fingerpicked With Minors)
Jesus Loves Me - Strummed
Jesus Loves Me - Strummed And Fingerpicked
Sweet Hour Of Prayer - Flatpicked Or Fingerpicked
The Fiddlers Last Waltz Of The Night

Other content:

Slant Switch - Middle Finger On Middle Strings
Slant To C-Shape Switch - Keep The Middle Finger On The Middle String
"C" Shape Chord Arpeggio - Starting With A Bar And Adding A Third On Either Side
Counting Sheet For Fingerpicking
Counting - Strumming, Flatpicking, Or Fingerpicking
Fingerpick And Flatpick Patterns
Mixolydian Scale In 4/4
Chord Progressions For the Keys Of D, G, And A


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