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Bowed Psaltery Carrying Case, Black Nylon, Embroidered With Folkcraft® Logo

Item Number 2360039

Sale price $23.37 Regular price $65.00

Our psaltery carrying case/bag (which can be used for most any comparably-sized instrument) is made of heavyweight black nylon. It features a soft nylon interior (with super-heavy Cordura on one side of the inside, so your tuning pins won't poke through the padding), a generous exterior pocket, and a shoulder strap.
As an added bonus, our psaltery instrument carry bag even includes a Folkcraft Instruments logo, classily embroidered on the outside pocket.

This bowed psaltery case (gig bag) is 31" long and 12 1/2" wide, and will fit instruments up to 28" long, 8" wide, and 3" deep (including the pins and strings). If you have a psaltery that won't fit in this gig bag, we'll be happy to make one that is a perfect fit for your instrument.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Colleen Resendiz
Folkcraft instrument bag

Exactly what I needed for my psaltery and appears to be very well made.

Scott H.
Small Dulcimer Case

Was looking for a case for the travel sized lapsteel I recently built. This case is a great fit for testing travel functionality with good quality for the price (very reasonable).

Elda Collum
To big

It was a beautiful case. To bad it was way to big for my psaltery. I had to breturn. It would have been excellent for a bigger instrument.

Paul Race
Does the job, not fitted.

The overall measurements go well beyond the length and width of my psalteries (mostly Unicorn Strings). But the "height" of the case is very narrow. It squeeze the psaltery enough to keep it from sliding around, which is a good thing. I believe it protects better than most "psaltery gig-bags" in its class. It certainly protects against banging the ends into things much better. But it does take up more room than a fitted gig bag would.

Rick Manley
Bowed Psaltery Carrying Case

I am amazed how well the case has been crafted. I inherited a Folkcraft Bowed Psaltery, and even though I have yet to play it, I needed a case to protect it. Richard and his people go beyond with the beauty of their craftmanship.