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Winter Namm Show, January 2010 (Day 4)

January 17, 2010 - Winter NAMM Show, Day 4

We're down to the last day. Even though we've been on our feet for the past few days, the time has certainly gone by quickly (for me, at least). A few more hours, and we'll be Indiana-bound.

One more day of The NAMM Show. One more pose with the Folkcraft booth.


During quick breaks to check the NFL playoff scores, I realize how visible our booth is from afar. Our booth this year is located along a back wall. It's also located at the end of an aisle, so you can see the booth from the opposite end of the hall. Looks like the new and improved Folkcraft sign is proving its worth. 

Even from a distance, the Folkcraft sign (center of picture) is pretty visible.

Another pleasant surprise was how well the dulcimer playing of Richard and myself was able to attract a crowd. Maybe not as well as Bing or Stephen, but we held our own when it came to the folk standards. Richard has been practicing WAY more than I have (and it shows), so I've made a mental note to step it up for the next show.
It wasn't long, and the announcement that the show was closing was made, followed immediately by most of the lights being turned off. The NAMM Show was at an end.
Old friends stopped by, new friends were made, many a dulcimer was jammed upon, and no strings were broken. Another NAMM Show was in the Folkcraft books. Nothing more to do now than tear down and make sure we crossed the "t's" and dotted the "i's", lower case "j's" and umlauts (for our international dealers). See Y'all in Nashville!

Richard gives one last "goodbye" to the Folkcraft crate, which he will reconvene with in a couple days down in Key West for the first Key West Dulcimer Festival.

Nicholas Young