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Wendy Songe Clinic

April 14, 2023

Good Morning, Y'all!
As I'm writing this on Tuesday morning (April 11, 2023) all of us here at the shop are still basking in the glow of our first Second Saturday Clinic of the year. Just a few days ago, we hosted Wendy Songe - national champion, Folkcraft Endorsing Artist, fantastic teacher, amazing performer - as our clinic instructor.

Wendy drove all the way from Oklahoma to teach at Folkcraft, and she was (as usual) utterly superb! I listened to her class from 20 feet away (where I was doing dulcimer repairs/setups for clinic attendees) and was thoroughly impressed with her organizational, teaching, and musical talents. Wendy is definitely "Best in Class."

wendy songe teaching folkcraft second saturday clinic

How do we decide who to bring on as clinicians each year? Folkcraft looks for a variety of qualities - nice people, great performers, amazing teachers. I'm lucky to be in a position to know many of the most famous dulcimer artists personally, and I've been known to go sit in on their classes at various festivals. There are plenty of great artists that we've never hired, I'm sure, but we know what we're getting when we bring in someone like Wendy. Or next month's artist, Dave Haas. Or June's clinician, Carol Walker.
Wendy's clinic sold out, of course, and I won't be surprised if Dave and Carol both sell out in the next couple of weeks. (That was a subtle hint for all of you that are procrastinators!)

Thanks to all of you that came out for the Wendy clinic - I hope y'all learned something new, and had some fun in the process!
Thanks for reading - Have a great weekend!

Richard Ash - luthier-that's-a-big-fan-of-learning-something-new-every-day-of-the-week