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Videos By Mandy Tyner

In the Folkcraft Shop - September 16, 2022

Good Morning, Everyone!

I hope you've had a good week, and that you're ready for some dulcimer-practicing time.  I always find weekends to be better for learning new skills, and for woodshedding technical parts. Depending on your work and retirement status, though, some of y'all might not see much difference between weekdays and weekends, though!

I'm convinced that the very best way to learn an instrument is side-by-side with a master instructor. Looking back at my musical progress over the years, my best progress was when I was taking private instruction from an expert performer/educator. Junior high school, high school, and college. I was always studying with someone. When I graduated from college (with a music degree, no less), I moved to Montana, started teaching in my first school, and hired a piano teacher to help me work on my keyboard skills. I "knew" music, but she "knew" piano, and my capabilities took giant leaps forward because of her tutelage.
The second best way to learn? Video instruction. One-on-one private instruction (via Skype or Zoom) is best, but prerecorded videos can provide a ton of information and guidance, and help us to all make progress in our skill sets. 
For the past year, one of our endorsing artists, Mandy Tyner, has been providing us with weekly videos. We've learned a lot from Mandy, and all of her videos are now archived on the Folkcraft YouTube channel

We've broken the channel up into different playlists for you. Things like "Dulcimer Demos" and "Instruction." Just click the following link to see the full 53 (so far) list of dulcimer instruction videos we're providing for y'all.

Mandy's last video (for a while) went live this morning, and starting next week, you're "stuck" with me. I have a few ideas for things to offer, but I'm also open to your suggestions. What would you like to see over the next 12 months? Reply to this email, and let me know!
Won't you consider visiting us on YouTube and clicking the "SUBSCRIBE" button? Perhaps leave a comment on a video or two, letting us know what you liked about the video, or asking questions for clarification? The more of you that subscribe and comment on our videos, the more that YouTube will recommend them to other musicians. And perhaps that will help grow the dulcimer community.

And FYI, you can find all of the videos on the website, too. We have a category page called "Video Instruction" which lists all of our instructional videos. Here's the link: Folkcraft Instructional Videos 

Thank you for subscribing, and thank you for reading this newsletter. Happy Playing! I'm glad that you're part of the Folkcraft family!


Richard Ash