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Unpacking BMMF Carts

October 29, 2021 - Unpacking BMMF Carts

Happy Friday, Folkcraft people!

What a week it's been - Hayley and I spent last Friday unpacking from last week's Black Mountain Music Fest - our display carts went from this:

Folkcraft BMMF displayFolkcraft display at Black Mountain Music Fest

Folkcraft displays in storage for next festivalEmpty displays back at the Woodburn, Indiana workshop

The first photo is our display at the Black Mountain Music Fest, the second photo is the empty carts sitting in the Folkcraft concert hall, waiting for the next festival trip. (And don't ask - we didn't sell all the dulcimers - they're back on the showroom wall now!)

dulcimers in our showroomDulcimers on display in the Folkcraft showroom

The photo above is the wall of dulcimers in our showroom.

In the days since unloading the trailer/carts/display, I've been back in the shop, finishing up some instruments, and getting new ones started. And spending plenty of time at my workbench, doing repairs that I brought back from Black Mountain - things that take more tools than I can reasonably travel with.

It is always good to avoid shipping an instrument if possible, and a slew of folks brought things to me at the festival to work on. Most repairs can be done at my portable workbench, but I brought a week's worth of work back to the Woodburn, Indiana workshop.

Richard Ash