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Tina Brown

folkcraft player Tina Brown

Folkcraft: How long have you been playing the dulcimer?

Tina: I’m a member of the Woodburn Dulcimer Club, the home of Folkcraft Dulcimers. This is where I play in our Tuesday night jams. Being part of this club with a group of awesome people including Richard Ash, our facilitator, is fortunate for me. I’ve been playing a bit more than 5 years.  Once I learned the Dave Haas’s songbook, and could keep up with the fast playing, I liked playing fast. These days I’m happy to play several fast songs before I long to slow it down and play some beautiful melodies. I like to play in parts and I do that with the North Webster Players. Adding rhythm instruments is fun. Speaking of rhythm I’m rhythm challenged. Carol Walker patiently helped me with that over Zoom while I learned lots of other cool songs, along with fingerpicking. I especially like Carol’s arrangements. And her teaching.

Folkcraft: When did you get your first Folkcraft dulcimer?

Tina: I have two Folkcraft dulcimers. The first is a beginning dulcimer, cost-wise, with a bright sound.  I was happy with it for many years.  My recent second dulcimer is a Custom Series Cadillac of a Folkcraft dulcimer. The ebony fret board feels wonderfully smooth for my fingers as I do slides and general fingering. The rosewood body and sitka spruce top is beautiful providing a mellow, rich tone. The dolphin cut outs symbolize the dolphin’s deep dive as I take when learning.  

Folkcraft: Where do you enjoy playing your dulcimer?

Tina: Dulcimer festivals are terrific!  I can focus a day or a few days on just the dulcimer, learn a lot, have fun, and meet others in the dulcimer community. In June is the Kentucky Music Week in Bardstown, KY which is the next festival I’ll be attending as well as our Second Saturday Dulcimer Clinics at Woodburn.  The Quarantine Festivals are fun when I’m available.

Folkcraft: What other hobbies, or interests, do you have besides playing the dulcimer?

Tina: I like to read, cook, swim laps, and take ongoing classes in the psychology of grief and being an end-of-life companion. Sometimes I play my ukulele to strum along with some others.