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Thank You!

June 2, 2023

Good Morning, Y'all!
It is really nice to have so many of you refer your friends to Folkcraft for their books, strings, and dulcimers. It means a lot to me that you think highly enough of us to suggest Folkcraft to your dulcimer-playing compatriots.
With Dulcimer Players News magazine closing down next year, and in-person dulcimer festivals becoming less common, our absolute best way to reach dulcimer players is via referrals.
Just this morning (as I'm writing this) a young fellow - barely older than me, so that definitely makes him "young" - drove five hours to our shop to pick out a new instrument. He plays already, but like so many beginners, has a modest quality (import, in this case) dulcimer. He saw some of the other players in the group he's a part of back home - who have some really nice dulcimers - and decided he wanted to make the leap to a better instrument. Several of the people in his club recommended Folkcraft as a good choice, so he spent some time in the shop this morning choosing his next dulcimer.
He ended up with a nice FolkRoots H Series dulcimer, with a VSL perfect for his hands. I made a new friend and hopefully, he'll be the next person to tell his friends to check out Folkcraft Instruments.

box of folkcraft cardboard dulcimers
This is a boxful of 50 fretboards for Folkcraft cardboard dulcimer kits.

So this segment of today's newsletter is a resounding THANK YOU to all of you that have kept Folkcraft/FolkRoots in business since 1968. Thank you for telling newer players about your experience with our company, your satisfaction with our instruments, and about all the books/strings/straps/instruction that we provide for the dulcimer community.
I surely do appreciate you all!
Richard Ash, luther-who-is-highly-appreciative-of-all-your-referrals