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Spotlight On Sound Holes

April 1, 2016 - Spotlight On Sound Holes

We regularly make custom tone holes for folks so they can customize their instrument to be truly their own. The process starts with the customer giving me an idea of what they would like, I'll make a sample, and then we will go back and forth with changes until they are happy with the final design. Below are a couple of the ones I've done recently.

custom sound hole

For this tone hole, the customer asked for a contrasting color with hearts and a flower. After several iterations, this is the final result. We will actually be adding this one as one of our stock options.

pi sound hole

This image was just a sample (tested on a couple pieces of scrap), but the instrument itself is being built now. For this tone hole, the customer asked for something with the pi symbol and told me to "be geeky". I don't think he realized that I studied electrical engineering in college, and have enjoyed math my entire life...

natural sound hole


Sometimes simple is better. This natural knot tone hole is one of my favorites. to get the upper and lower tone holes positioned properly, I actually pieced together several pieces of wood.

Steve Ash