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Some Dulcimer Fun With License Plates

February 2, 2024

Good Morning, Y'all, and Happy Friday!
This'll be a quick blog, with a couple of fun photos for your entertainment.
A few years ago, an eagle-eyed dulcimer player spotted this license plate and shared it with me:

mike anderson license plate holder
The "946TBK" part isn't important, but the license plate holder is - it bears the name of one of my favorite dulcimer players - Mike Anderson. Mike is a renowned banjo player, dulcimer player, story teller, kindergarten teacher, and music historian. Historian, really? Yes! He's the world-leading expert on the regional variations of the song Itsy Bitsy Spider. We've had Mike as a clinician here at the shop several times, and he's a great adult teacher, too!
We carry all of Mike's books:
Songs For Kids
Hugo's Sing-A-Long Dulcimer Christmas Songbook
Sunday Songs For Kids

The next license plate is from the same eagle-eyed dulcimer player (Michelle). This one isn't a dulcimer player's vehicle, but Michelle thought I might like it:

wise ash vanity license plate

"Wise Ash." She thought of me. I don't know if that's good? or bad! And it is funny that this (not mine) truck from Nebraska was spotted in Alabama, by a person from Indiana. I wonder if the truck driver plays the dulcimer? That would be great! But other than my dad and my wife, I don't know anyone named "Ash" who plays our instrument, so it is unlikely.
Folkcraft carries my books, too. But my books don't have much music in them - they're reference manuals for musical instrument builders:
Fret Position Guide For Mountain Dulcimer And Other Diatonic Instruments
Fret Position Guide For Ukulele, Guitar, And Other Chromatic Instruments
Good bedtime/fall-asleep reading material, like a phone book, but not much plot. (chart after chart after chart of fret pattern layouts)
And the last license plate? Another custom plate, this one from West Virginia, courtesy of Folkcraft Endorsing Artist Dave Haas:

dave haas's DULCIMER vanity license plate

You might know Dave from his numerous festival appearances, and from taking his classes both in person and online. Dave's one of the most popular dulcimer players on the planet, and for good reason. He's one of the smoothest players around, and he's a really nice guy.
We carry Dave's books too. And he has a BUNCH of them. This LINK has all of his books. His top sellers (a.k.a. "most popular") are: 
Let's Jam!
You Can Play The Dulcimer
Beautiful Melodies
Beautiful Arrangements
Dave's books are available only in print form - no downloads at this time.
So, there's a little bit of fun automotive dulcimer stuff. Sort of, anyway.
Have a great weekend, Y'all - Go play some music!
Richard Ash, luthier-who's-met-most-of-you-at-festivals-all-over-the-country-and-drove-there-with-a-license-plate-to-see-you