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Shop Planning, Parts Making

February 26, 2015

One of my many duties at Folkcraft is getting parts together so the guys in the shop can build instruments. One day Craig will needs necks and saddles for Druid Moon ukuleles, and the next Bruce will need heads and fingerboards for Folkcraft or FolkRoots dulcimers. And I've always got Jim knee deep in parts to build to keep the process going.

Birds-eye view
Bird's eye view


During a round of mountain dulcimers, I was able to sneak in some parts for a dulcimer I planned on putting into our showroom. It took me a while to finally have all the pieces made, but the end product is here...

Tail end
Tail end


It's nothing too extravagant, but definitely nothing we have ever made before. I had a lot of oddball parts lying around that I saved for a project like this. Claro walnut body, wormy butternut top, and birdseye maple head and accents.

Birdseye maple dulcimer head
Birdseye maple dulcimer head


The lacquer is still curing on this one, so it's not in jamming mode... yet. But will be soon. I just wanted to get it out there for your viewing pleasure. I hope it's not too off-the-wall!

claro walnut dulcimer part
Really nice claro walnut on back and sides


As installment #1 in what I now call the "Nick Young Original Series," I think I did an alright job. After all, the majority of these wood parts probably would've never made it to Bruce's workbench, so I'd say I did my part. Who knows what I'll sneak through the workflow next...

butternut dulcimer top
You can see a few wormholes in the butternut

Nick Young