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Pam Parks, Folkcraft Sewer

June 3, 2022

Having a dulcimer shop isn't all fun and games, making instruments all day long. There's a lot of back-end work that goes into making the process mostly seamless for our customers. Picking/packing orders, answering the phone, ordering inventory from suppliers, counting strings into sets for sale, and making instrument cases, to name just a few tasks.

It takes someone with good organizational skills, and someone with the intelligence to juggle 50 different tasks.

Six years ago this month, I hired a person who was going to work in our sewing room, making instrument cases. That got us to two sewers, one full-time, and one part-time. Since 2016, Folkcraft has seen a lot of changes, both in staffing and in product lines, and one of my few constants has been Pam Parks.

folkcraft employee pam parks

Pam was hired to make cases - with a helper. These days? She makes all the cases alone, and pretty much takes care of the inventory/merchandise side of the company, too. She's not hands-on with instruments these days, but she orders nearly all of our books, strings, capos, tuners, and other small items. Then receives them into inventory, adjusts the quantities available on the website, and supervises packing all the orders that go out every day. How's that for a gain in job responsibilities? 

And she's been doing it day in and day out for six years. If you've purchased a dulcimer from us in the past six years, Pam made the case for your dulcimer. If you've placed an order for anything at all, Pam was the one that made sure the order went out the door quickly and accurately.

I couldn't run Folkcraft without Pam's help.

Congratulations on six years, Pam!