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Making Resonator Dulcimers

January 15, 2015 - Making Resonator Dulcimers
Resonators, resonators, resonators... Did I mention resonators? With "The Year of the Resonator" just a couple weeks in, we've already got something to show for it. A batch of Folkcraft Resonator models are getting set to be released upon the folk music community.

Bare bones...

to finished instruments. This shows the different stages of hardware that will be installed.

Of course, these new instruments are being modeled after Bing Futch's recently built Signature Resonator model, with an all Honduras Mahogany body. Bing will be hosting his annual Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat at the end of the month, and we are planning on having a few ready for the participants to try out.

Wouldn't be a signature model without an autograph in the headstock.

Bing's resonator. He posted this picture about 5 seconds after he got it.

Some will be standard models. Some will have Galax backs. Some will have Fishman preamps and pickups. A variety will definitely be available soon, all made from Honduras mahogany.

A Galax back and a Fishman preamp can be seen in this photo.

While the dulcimers from this batch won't have the bells and whistles seen on Bing's Signature model, these options are definitely available to anyone who wants to customize their own. Have a unique idea? Just let us know! You can call us at 317-539-1855, or send us an email.

Dolphins not your thing? Let us know what is, and maybe we can put it on your dulcimer!

Nicholas Young