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Kentucky Music Week

June 24, 2022

Hi everybody!

I'm writing this week's "In the Shop" feature from the Folkcraft display at Kentucky Music Week. KMW is one of the oldest, and biggest, dulcimer festivals anywhere. Typically hundreds of musicians, getting together for classes, jams, and concerts.

And shopping!

I don't teach or perform at this festival, so I can dedicate all my time to helping players choose their next instruments. I brought a few dozen instruments to the south side of Louisville last weekend and will be here through Friday afternoon.

masked KMW 2022 attendee in folkcraft display

Two photos are included here. The first one is a new friend, pointing to one of our displays - like Vanna White, excitedly pointing at a vowel! The other (see below) is a wider shot of the KMW vending area.

kmw 2022 vendors area

Dulcimer festivals are great fun and awesome learning venues. I'll be in Evart, Michigan, in July, and then in Black Mountain, North Carolina, this fall.

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here. 

I hope to see y'all at a festival this year!