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Jeannine Euckert

jeannine euckert with her folkcraft dulcimer

Folkcraft: How long have you been playing the dulcimer?

Jeannine: Sometime in October 2020. As we were traveling to Shipshewana, IN, my husband discovered Folkcraft Instruments was basically on our way, so we made a stop. We got a tour of the shop and purchased a beginner book by Bing Futch. So, that’s when I began to teach myself how to play the mountain dulcimer.

Then, in February of 2021, I was able to sign up for classes with the QuaranTUNE Online Festival. That's when I consider that my real learning began.

Folkcraft: When did you get your first Folkcraft dulcimer?

Jeannine: I still have the pictures of the UPS driver bringing my Folkcraft dulcimer up to our house on September 22, 2022. It was so exciting!

Folkcraft: Where do you enjoy playing your dulcimer?

Jeannine: I enjoy playing my dulcimer in a spare bedroom in our house. (A lot of learning goes on in there.) I am also learning to be more comfortable playing at church, and for recovering friends in their homes.

Folkcraft: What other hobbies or interest do you have besides playing dulcimer? 

Jeannine: My husband and I participate in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief trips helping people with flood/tornado and other recovery needs.