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How To Choose "Design Your Own" Options

These resources are designed to help you choose the features of your next custom-built mountain dulcimer. These articles have most of the answers, but if there's something you don't know (this isn't a problem - it's complicated!) we're glad to help.

Series Choices Which model to choose - FolkRoots D Series, FolkRoots H Series, Folkcraft FSH Series, or Folkcraft Custom Series
Wood Options Domestic to exotic, what we recommend
Sound Hole Options Contemporary to classic - 40+ options
Scale Length Options Seven options from 23" VSL to 29" VSL
Fret Pattern Options 1.5 fret, or old-school 6.5 fret? Or...
Fret Wire Options Standard size, or jumbo size? Nickel silver or...
Kentucky vs California Traditional Kentucky design, or larger California design?
Pickup Options

Magnetic vs piezo? Fishman, Baggs, or Folkcraft NT-11?

Standard vs Baritone vs Bass

What's the difference between standard, baritone, or bass dulcimers?

Left-Hand Setup Vs Right-Hand Setup I'm left-handed. Should I have a special mountain dulcimer, or can I use a regular (right-hand) dulcimer?