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Fun In The Shop

October 15, 2021 - Fun In The Shop

Good morning, Folkcraft people!

This has been a chaotic/productive week in the shop the past 10 days or so. Dad and I have been building instruments, Pam's been rubbing them out, and Hayley has been shipping them. I'm getting closer to "caught up" every day. Pretty soon, all the dulcimers will be built, and I'll be able to take a vacation. Ha!

Richard demoing a dulcimer
Richard demonstrating a Folkcraft six-string dulcimer

The photo above is a screen-capture from a video I posted on Facebook, demoing a 6-string mountain dulcimer. We don't make many of these any more, and that's too bad. There's a LOT of great sound in a 6-string - the tone is almost like a 12-string guitar. It isn't great for intricate flatpicking songs, but it sounds awesome for noter/drone/traditional tunes. At least to my ears. Here's a link (Facebook) if you want to see the video.

Today's big news (other than that Dad and I are going to Folkcraft's first "post Covid" in person dulcimer festival this weekend)? I am bringing Mandy Tyner (aka Banjo Lemonade) on board as our newest Folkcraft Endorsing Artist. Over a decade ago, I brought Bing Futch on board, and started things off with a "bang!", and since then added John and Karen Keane, Wendy Songe, and most recently, Dave Haas. And Dave was at least 6 years ago.

This group of revered artists is awesome, for sure, and I think that Mandy will be a great addition to our roster. She's not famous yet, but we'll give her a few years for that!

mandy tyner dulcimer
Mandy Tyner, Folkcraft's newest endorsing artist

Mandy is a North Carolinian, and does most of her teaching from the porch of a cabin in the remote wilderness. You can visit her online at her website

Richard Ash