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Folkcraft Staff

Y'all know that Folkcraft has a HUGE staff, with dozens of faceless workers turning out hundreds of mass-produced dulcimers a week, right?

Well, not exactly. Here's our latest staff photo:

folkcraft instruments staff

From left to right:

Richard Ash (owner, luthier, building instruments since 2007)
Hayley Speakman (customer service, delighting customers since 2019)
Pam Parks (sewer, making cases since 2016)
Cheyenne Hale (luthier, building instruments since 2021)
Jim Ash (luthier, building instruments since 2007)

If you phone us, your call will be answered by Hayley, with Richard and Pam picking up the second and third lines. If you order small goods (books, strings, capos, etc.) the order will be packed by Hayley, with Cheyenne and Pam assisting. If you order an instrument, it'll be made by a combination of Jim, Richard, and Cheyenne. 

We're not a huge corporation, we're a small company that takes pride in making quality instruments.