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Folkcraft Player - Toya Koch

toya koch with dulcimers
Hey there, everybody. It's all Bing's (Futch) fault, this 11-year love affair with Folkcraft dulcimers. He let me play his at the Swannanoa Gathering the summer of 2010 and I've never wanted, or purchased, any other dulcimer but a Folkcraft since. In fact, they're building me another one right now. Which is also Bing's fault. Because it was from Bing I first caught DAD (a.k.a. Dulcimer Acquisition Disease).

My LAP-JO has been an especially welcome addition to my dulcimer tribe. Finally, I could hear myself play in a jam session. Plus, bluegrass players think it's the coolest thing ever!
In addition to jam circles, my other favorite place to play is in the foyer of my church. I'll hang out and play hymns, and the occasional praise tune, while folks are coming in to worship. It's been a huge blessing to me and my church family. Thanks Folkcraft for a decade of friendship and excellent instruments. Luv Ya Bunches!