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Folkcraft Player - Julie and Ted Jones

julie and ted jones with dulcimer

I started playing Dulcimer seriously about 14 years ago. I started with a group near Kokomo, IN. We got together on Friday evenings to Jam and played at various venues throughout the year. I took a trip to Ireland in 2010, and one of the people who joined the group had heard that I played the Dulcimer and wanted to learn how to play. Thus, I started my own group. She knew someone that knew someone, and we ended up starting with 3 players.

I got married in 2011, and then my husband joined the group. We have grown to a number of 7 - some that started have dropped out or moved away, but have now kept our 7 for a number of years. Ted and I heard about Folkcraft and started going to the jams, and have attended many of the workshops - and of course bought our new Folkcraft Dulcimers! All of our group has jammed at Folkcraft and we all own Folkcraft dulcimers.

Before Covid we were active, playing at nursing homes, gave concerts at the library, and at numerous festivals. As with all people, because of Covid, we didn't meet for over a year. We are now back together, jamming, still not at nursing homes. However, we had a fun and moving experience at the end of august. Our group played our whole church service. Most of our music is 2 parts and sometimes we have a Bass part. We played the prelude and accompanied all of the hymns. The sermon was a hymn sung that Sunday, so like I said, we played it all. It was awesome and very well received. Our plan is to do it again sometime during the Christmas Season.