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Folkcraft Player - Susan Curtis

susan curtis bio photo

I started my personal music career in 1973 at age 9 with fingerstyle guitar. I have played many other wind and fretted instruments since, including dulcimer, which I began in 2007 after we retired. My first dulcimer was a Folkcraft D Series dulcimer, followed by another soon after.

I then decided to treat myself to two Custom Series Folkcraft dulcimers, a standard (butternut/walnut) and a baritone (cherry). My Customs are beautiful in woods, tone, and craftsmanship. For the standard custom, Steve Ash graciously inlayed a dolphin (maple) in the fretboard to match the dolphin tone holes.

hickory dulcimer maple leaf engraving

Since one can never have too many dulcimers, I ordered and received my 5th Folkcraft, a hickory FSH. I incorporated some items into its design that are very special to my life, past and present. One feature was a maple leaf engraved at the 5th fret, since my husband and I are producers of Michigan pure maple syrup. I love all my Folkcraft dulcimers!

dolphin inlay dulcimer fretboard

My current dulcimer collection includes several other dulcimers from other
makers/companies. I respect all the fine builders for their support of each other and the dulcimer community. In addition to playing music at home with friends, and at a local Assisted Living Facility, I enjoy attending dulcimer festivals with family, whenever possible.