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Folkcraft Player - Pat Forest

pat forest bio page

 After hearing a local woman play for me, at my hospital in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, I fell in love with the sound of the mountain dulcimer. I couldn’t help being drawn to the sound every time she played. Fast forward eight years, and being that woman’s first student, I am a continuing student of the dulcimer.

I learned on a cardboard dulcimer for a year, went to a walnut dulcimer from Ohio, then a secondhand cherry dulcimer from Arkansas. My sights were set on owning a Folkcraft dulcimer, and finally, this year I was able to purchase a mahogany baritone Folkcraft. It's a beautiful instrument and it was so fun talking to Richard about the instrument and our mutual acquaintances.

In this photo is an original Folkcraft dulcimer that was made in Lyndonville, Vermont, where Folkcraft began (just up the road), and my beautiful new baritone. Quite a difference in the two instruments made so many years apart. Happy strumming everyone!