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Folkcraft Player - Mary Ellen Lounsbery

mary ellen with dulcimerI purchased my first dulcimer around 1999 or 2000, at that time there were very few people around where I live who played so my interest soon died out. In 2015 I was introduced to a dulcimer club that was meeting in my area, so I joined up with them and my real dulcimer journey began. I am still part of this club, it has no real name other than ‘Dulcimer Lessons in Branson’. As my interest and ability grew, I found that I wanted and needed a quality dulcimer if I was to continue to grow as a dulcimer player. In my quest to improve, I came across the online posts by Bing Futch and his Dulcimerica offerings. It was through these online lessons by Bing that I learned of Folkcraft Instruments and was intrigued to say the least.

In 2019, as a retirement gift, my place of employment made arrangements for me to attend the Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat at Homosassa, FL. My dilemma became how to safely get my dulcimer there, as I was flying not driving, to that retreat. In the course of asking for suggestions in one of the dulcimer groups on Facebook, I get a reply from this guy named Richard Ash, who suggested I purchase a new dulcimer from the vendor that would be there and the vendor would then ship it home to me after the retreat. He then tells me he is the vendor and that he is just joking around with me. Well, he may have been joking but I liked that scenario and was dead serious. Long story short, I contact him and order a beautiful Custom Series Mountain Dulcimer which he delivers to me at the retreat in Homosassa then, as promised, shipped to my home when the retreat was over and I have been happily playing ever since.

This is my absolute favorite dulcimer (I own ten) my favorite thing about my dulcimer is not only is it beautiful in appearance but it has a beautiful rich tone, it has an easy play-ability and best of all I feel that I have forged great friendships in Richard, Aly and Folkcraft Instruments.

I get great pleasure, joy and peace when playing my dulcimer and it truly brings back a since of balance and a level of sanity into a world that seems to have gone mad, for me at least. Playing the dulcimer is absolutely the best thing I can do for myself and I am so thankful to talented souls like Richard to help me along the way of my dulcimer journey.mary ellen with dulcimer

I don’t normally perform in public (I’m a huge chicken when it comes to that) but I do post my playing online which you can view at this link to my YouTube Channel if you so choose