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Folkcraft Player - Glynda Willis

Glynda Willis Bio page

I am sending a photo of our little group of “Folkies”. I call us that because we all play Folkcraft dulcimers.

I started playing Folkcraft dulcimers almost exclusively once I discovered the beauty and quality of them. Each person in our little Dulcimer Dames group has a Folkcraft dulcimer, most of which I purchased either for them or sold one of mine to them.

We began with my Bestie, Brenda Morey and I just sitting together learning to play at our local Art Center, or Library. People would stroll by, hear the lovely sounds, and as we shared our enthusiasm with them, (not our expertly playing by any means) then would borrow one of my instruments, fall in love with the dulcimer, then join us as we all learned together. At times we have played at nursing homes and our local church, but mostly just get together when we can to jam.

Each of us has a story of our journey with these lovely instruments and the friendship they bring. Before we started playing dulcimer, most of us had never met or heard of a dulcimer. Our members may drop out from time to time, but the friendships continue and our love for our Folkcraft dulcimers remains constant.

Glynda Willis bio page

I personally love the “can do” attitude of the Folkcraft staff. When I called to inquire about making a “Texas and shooting star” sound hole, Steve said, “I’ve never done that, but Yes, I can make it happen.” When I have had an instrument broken, the answer has been, “Yes, we can fix that.” When I had one destroyed by FedEx, Richard took care of it and fought with FedEx, so I didn’t have to hassle with them. When I need a special set up (low, low, string action), Richard and Steve made it happen. Papa Jim has been a blessing too, and built the chromatic dulcimer I am now learning to play. 

I could go on and on about Folkcraft Instruments and the Folkcraft family, but suffice to say that once you  have a Folkcraft Instrument, you become family.

Thanks for all you do,