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Folkcraft Player - Annette Sheffield

annette sheffield bio page
I am Annette G Sheffield and I am pictured with my set of four matched Folkcraft Custom dulcimers. From right to left are my bass, baritone, MaxDAD®️ with radius fretboard, and a standard. Not only are my dulcimers beautiful, but they sound more beautiful then they look.

Each dulcimer is made of Curly Redwood top with a Honduras Mahogany body, ebony veneered chromatic fretboards, Fishman Matrix Piezo Pickup With Prefix Pro Blend, and flamingo sound-holes.

About 1 1/2 months ago, I received my curly redwood bass dulcimer… LOVE IT! I enjoy my MaxDAD®️ because I can use the same dulcimer as a bass, baritone, and standard.

I play viola, violin, cello, and have played bass with a group when I was in my 20’s. Otherwise, I have played chromatic instruments since I was 8 years old. Playing a chromatic is just easier. Also, the chromatic dulcimer is the up and coming dulcimer. More and more people are playing chromatic dulcimers and with these I can play in any key without a capo.

I have also had 3 other Folkcraft Custom instruments—a standard, a bass, and a double neck. I love Folkcraft dulcimers and I love my matched Curly Redwood dulcimers.