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Folkcraft Affiliate Program

March 24, 2023

Good Morning, Y'all! 

This is going to be a quick advertisement for a feature we added to the website a couple of years ago. A feature which most of you probably don't even know exists...
We have an "affiliate" program, where you can sign up for a free affiliate account, and then get five percent back (via PayPal) on any purchase made through your account.
That's the summary. Not complicated. Here are the details, which are also not complicated:
1) You create an affiliate account
2) You'll receive a link to which tracks purchases made through that link - the link is tied to your account
3) Every purchase made through the link earns you five percent of the sale
4) Each month, I go through the online orders and pay (via PayPal) the five percent affiliate payment to the owner of the affiliate account
I started this program a few years ago, so that dulcimer clubs (churches, dulcimer orchestras, etc.) could help promote our website and be rewarded in the process. A win/win for all involved.
But, since most of y'all don't know about this feature on our website - that's why I'm writing about it today!
Imagine this situation: A club starts playing from a new book. The book is $20. The club leader says "Everyone, go buy a copy of this book." Many of the club members will go to and buy the book. Which is great, and here at Folkcraft, we're very, very grateful!
But imagine this - the club leader says "Go buy this book," and if the club members use my affiliate link, the club gets five percent back. Which can then be used for anything the group needs. Say 10 people buy the book from Folkcraft, for a total of $200. The following month, I use PayPal to send the referring affiliate a five percent commission ($10 in this case). While $10 isn't a lot of money, over the months, it will add up. And what if a club member buys a new dulcimer? That'd be a $45 commission on a $900 dulcimer. Easy money for the group, that's for sure.
And that's all I have to say on the subject. This is a great program, and a lot of groups still aren't taking advantage of the free money. So, why not get yourself, or your club, signed up today?
CLICK HERE to go to the page at with all the details.

Thanks for reading - have a great weekend!
Richard Ash, luthier-and-cheapskate-who-would-definitely-use-the-affiliate-program