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Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat

I just got back from the Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat. The festival featured Guy George, Sharrie George, and of course, Bing Futch.

gulf coast 01
Setup with Bing and Guy

We managed to get 24 standard dulcimers into the van, along with 4 resonator dulcimers, 6 travel dulcimers, 1 double neck dulcimer, 3 chromatic dulcimers, 4 baritone dulcimers, 4 hammered dulcimers, and (of course) my personal dulcimer. Oh, yes, and 2 psalteries and 11 ukuleles. And 2 dulcileles. And an amplifier, 48 t-shirts, all kinds of Herdim picks, straps, buttons, books (both Seifert and Ross), DVDs, and other necessities for a dulcimer festival.

chip george dulcimer
Chip George, son of Guy and Sharrie George

Hope to see everyone again next year!

Saturday night concertSaturday night concert


Richard Ash