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Fabulous Folkcraft Players

February 10, 2023
Good Morning, Y'all!
I am going to keep this paragraph really, really short. Not rambling and wordy, as I often tend to get.
This page of the website is feeling neglected (click the link to find out which one).

So many of you read this newsletter every week - thousands of you, every Friday morning. Yet, only a few dozen of you have claimed your $20 Folkcraft gift certificate. All you have to do is send in a short history about you playing dulcimer, and a photo of yourself with your Folkcraft instrument, and we'll email you the $20. 

It is that simple!

I'm putting up a bio of me (Richard Ash, dulcimer builder, owner of Folkcraft Instruments) with a short (one paragraph) bio and a photo of me (and some of my dulcimer-playing friends). It is now on the website, right next to where YOUR photo/bio will be once you email it to us. (reply to this newsletter with your photo/bio - it's that easy!).

We are ALL looking forward to hearing about your dulcimer playing experiences!

Thanks for reading!

Richard Ash, dulcimer-builder-who's-now-an-official-"Folkcraft-Player"