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Ebony Versus Purpleheart Survey Results

June 17, 2022

Well, folks, the results of our Purpleheart vs. Ebony opinion poll are in! And our survey says: Purpleheart got five votes, while Ebony received three. Enjoy your fellow players comments below:

"If I can ever get another dulcimer - purpleheart. Better for the environment and a great look. I’d go with it at least on the fretboard. And I think it would make a big statement running the length of the body!" (Jessie O.)

"Both of my dulcimers which you built for me have purpleheart wood. I LOVE IT! They are are my favorites!!!!!!" (Hugs, Linda K.)

"Ebony." (A. G. Sheffield)

"Purpleheart as a fretboard, nut, or bridge might be rather fancy. My question is: what is the tone of the dulcimer compared to other types of wood?" (C. Henderson)

"Hi Richard and everyone at FOLKCRAFT. Thank you for the newsletters. I especially enjoy the lesson/exercise with Mandy. Love the Purpleheart! Sounds very promising. Still like the ebony. Hope to see you at a festival. (E. Clarke)

"Some years ago I made a flamed-maple teardrop dulcimer - with purpleheart highlights. It is stunningly beautiful wood, but it will dull your edge tools faster than any other wood I have ever worked with! (D. Sewell)

"I chose ebony (+ Indian Rosewood & Sitka Spruce) when placing my recent order for a baritone dulcimer. This was, in large part, due to the terrific information on the website, which is really helpful when ordering a custom dulcimer. My new dulcimer will be a perfect companion for my long-time buddy - my Collings 000-42. (T. Connelly)