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Dulcimer Downloads Wins!

May 12, 2023
Good Morning, Y'all!
Well, it has happened. I figured it was probably going to happen one day, but was kind of planning on a year or two in the future - not May of 2023.
It is good news, though, so don't worry,
On Sunday, May 7, 2023, the sales for our website finally surpassed our sales for our website. I know this isn't a meaningful comparison - a single Custom Series dulcimer at Folkcraft can overwhelm the sales of 100 PDFs at DulcimerDownloads. And this has only happened one time, ever. But still...
Downloadable media, even in our specialized mountain dulcimer community, is growing. rapidly. We still have 266 physical, hard-copy dulcimer books available for purchase at, but the downloadable PDFs at are becoming mainstream at a very fast rate. 
So the question today is: "Which artist/instructor's books that are not available at, do you wish were available there?" (I'll tally up your responses and share them in next week's newsletter)
All I need is a name, something like "Elon Musk" (although that would be a bad answer, because I don't think he has written any dulcimer books...). We already represent most of the most prominent artist/instructors - Bing Futch, Aaron O'Rourke, Stephen Seifert, and dozens more. So, big-name or lesser known, who has books that you want, but aren't available (yet) at
Thanks for letting me know!
Richard Ash, dulcimer-player-with-a-huge-dulcimer-book-collection-plus-a-growing-dulcimer-PDF-collection