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Dave Haas Dulcimers, Claro Walnut

January 29, 2015 - Dave Haas Dulcimers

We recently made a couple of dulcimers for Dave Haas, Folkcraft's most recent endorsing artist. The bodies were made from beautifully figured claro walnut.

Very pretty wood!

Luckily, after making these dulcimers, we had enough wood left for another instrument. We posted the pieces on our Facebook page, and it didn't take long to find a taker for these unique pieces.

Side view

Along with a butternut soundboard and ebony accents, the claro walnut was made into a striking Folkcraft Custom model dulcimer. The pictures you're viewing are of this exact instrument.

Butternut top with sun, moon and stars tone holes

A Galax back was installed for enhanced acoustics, and the Fishman pickup will make it sing even more when plugged in. This one turned out great, for both the eyes and ears.

Ebony inlaid into the Claro walnut head

 At the time of this post, Folkcraft's owner Richard Ash is delivering this dulcimer to its owner at the Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat in Homosassa, FL (read more in this week's Upcoming Events section).

Nicholas Young