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Beautiful Mahogany Planks

In the Folkcraft Shop - August 26, 2022

Hello Everyone - hope you're having a great Friday so far!

It's a beautiful morning here in Woodburn, Indiana. 60 degrees, sunny, light breeze. When I got to work this morning, there was a big truck in the parking lot with a huge load of lumber. African mahogany and black walnut. We got some amazing stuff this time! Very few knots, plus a couple of curly walnut boards that somehow missed the sort (where they keep the best grades) at the lumber mill.

We use the forklift to unload the semi-truck, and then haul the planks of wood inside, by hand, one at a time. This is the last board we had to move - a 16" wide, 2" thick, and 13' long plank of African mahogany. It was heavy! Cheyenne (in the photo) took one end, I grabbed the other end, and we brought in inside. I'll end up getting twelve LAP-JO® rims (bodies), plus some assorted standard dulcimer parts (backs and sides, probably - the grain goes the wrong way to get fretboards) out of this one plank.

cheyenne posing with a forklift carrying a heavy mahogany board

It is hard for a small shop like ours to spend thousands of dollars on a load of lumber, but I learned years ago that we get what we pay for and that rewarding our best suppliers with lots of money gets us their best stock, which in turn allow us to make our best instruments for you all.

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Richard Ash