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Deluxe Rigid Dulcimer Case (For FolkRoots® D Series And FolkRoots® Custom Series Dulcimers)

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Protect your instrument in style with our Deluxe Rigid Dulcimer Case. Lightweight, durable, and good for your instrument, our rigid dulcimer case will fit any of our large-body (FolkRoots D Series, FolkRoots Custom Series, and Folkcraft Custom Series) mountain dulcimers. The case has plenty of foam and wood to protect your instrument from bumps and drops, and it has a soft fabric lining to keep the finish nice, too.
Outside the case, you'll be delighted with the heavyweight, durable (and waterproof!) 600 denier fabric. Plus, you'll get a large pocket, carrying handles (one on the side, one on the end) and the (two included!) removable backpack-style shoulder straps.
Inside the case, you'll more padding, plus a soft fabric lining which will protect your instrument's finish.
This is the nicest dulcimer case on the market (we've looked!) and we're proud to offer it to our customers.
This dulcimer case is handmade in Woodburn, Indiana in the Folkcraft Instruments workshop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love my Deluxe Rigid Mountain Dulcimer Case!

I bought this case because I wanted to have at least one case for my mountain dulcimers that I could trust to stand up to being moved around, traveling, etc. My other case is great but it is not in the same league as this one when it comes to protection from dropping and temperature changes. Our instruments are an investment of money, time, effort, and love and this case is protective enough that it should pretty much stand up against anything, Can't go wrong with this one!

Jane Appel
I Love My Deluxe Rigid Dulcimer Case

Carrying a mountain dulcimer in a hardshell case was awkward and uncomfortable. I was forever swapping arms to relieve the heaviness of the instrument and case. Folkcraft's Deluxe Rigid Dulcimer case slips right on my back and makes carrying the dulcimer is easy. My hands are free for other gear. The front pocket holds my iPad and a plastic tackle box with tuner, noter, pencil, clips, etc.

Don't tell Richard, but I recently accidentally tested the integrity of the case when I left it on the floor when retracting the slide on our motor home. I heard wood breaking but couldn't immediately tell where it was coming from. When I realized what had happened, I imagined my precious instrument splintered. Fortunately, the case completely did its job: The dulcimer was unharmed. Unfortunately, one of the plywood sides was broken in two places. I learned an expensive lesson, but the cost of a new case was a fraction of the cost to replace the dulcimer.

My experience in ordering the new case could not have been better. I ordered it late one evening and the new case shipped the next morning, arriving in about a week.

I'm a believer in FolkCraft, my instrument, and this case. Thanks!

Dulcimer hard case and custom soft case

I bought both the hard case for air travel and the soft case for around home. Both surpassed my expectations. Made in USA is better. Top quality.

Susie C.
Best Protection!

I got one of these deluxe rigid dulcimer cases with my Folkcraft Custom Mountain Dulcimer. It is the best protection you can get for your dulcimer. Not only does it have thick padding, but it also has rigid panels sewn into the sides. top and bottom (hence the name of the case). The dulcimer fits snugly into the case. The design allows for different ways to carry it, whether by the side handle or over the shoulder. The embroidery done on the case, the Folkcraft logo and my name, are top notch. A beautifully designed and sewn case that beats anything for protection of your prized dulcimer.