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Folkcraft® Tuning Wrench, Clock Key Style

Item Number 2320062

Regular price $8.00

This clock key tuning wrench will help you keep your hammered dulcimer, banjo, zither, or psaltery playing in tune. Classic, stylish looks combined with durable, timeless brass make our tuning wrench an excellent value.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laura Bell
Very Steampunk

Looks cool on your hammered dulcimer. Works fine but would be easier to use if the handles were larger. I wouldn't use it for my regular tuning wrench - I have a large handled tuning wrench with a star hole which is much easier to use since I do not have a lot of strength in my hands.

Patrick Evans
Clock Key Tuner

This is a very handy tool for tuning standard zither pins, and a good value too!

Essential and cost effective

Works great, classic brass look, and the holes make it easy to put on a key chain or otherwise tie to the instrument itself (for those with a tendency to drop and lose things.)

Essential Tool

The tuning wrench is great. An essential tool for Harps, Concert and Hungarian Zithers using tuning pegs.

gerald oliver
quality wrench good fit on zither pins

fits pins perfectly. I made a wood extender to get more leverage to turn tight pins small amounts.