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Kendra Ward & Bob Bence - Let's Jam! Volume 2

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The "Let's Jam" series is the ultimate jam session resource! Kendra Ward and Bob Bence have compiled 70 more classic jam session favorites into one easy-to-carry volume. Each tune is presented in two distinctly different, user-friendly formats.

First, a basic chord/rhythm chart appears on the left side of each page. Use this to play the chord progression, play arpeggios, improvise a harmony part or play a counter melody! Next, a simple unembellished melody line for the same tune appears on the right side of the page. This basic melody quickly gets right to the essence of the tune, virtually begging each player to add their own individual harmonies and embellishments.

The "blank canvas" version of each melody makes "Lets Jam! Volume 2" a terrific source for players looking for a starting point to create their own arrangements, too. Get your copy today and join the fun!

147 pages.

Songs included:

Acres Of Clams
The Ash Grove
Aura Lee
Bill Cheatem
Bonaparte Crossing The Rockies
Bonaparte's Retreat
British Grenadiers
Carolan's Draught
Cherokee Shuffle
Chinese Breakdown
Cold Frosty Morning
Cotton Eyed Joe
Danny Boy
Doctor Doctor
Dogwood Waltz
Down In The Willow Garden
Drowsey Maggie
Elzic's Farewell
Farewell To Whiskey
Fly Around My Prety Little Miss
Forked Deer
Georgia Railroad
Give Me The Roses
Harvest Home
Home Sweet Home
Jacky Tar
Jamie Allen
Jessica Waltz
Kitchen Girl
La Bastrange
Lord Inchiquin
Mason's Apron
My Silver Bells
Old French
Old Grey Cat On A Tennessee Farm
Old Molly Hare
Ook Pik Waltz
Pig Ankle Rag
Pig Town Fling
Planxty George Brabazon
President Garfield's Hornpipe
Puncheon Floor
Quince Dillon's High D
Red Apple Rag
Rickett's Hornpipe
Road To Lisdoonvarna
Rock The Cradle Joe
Rye Whiskey
Sail Away Ladies
Sailor's Hornpipe
Sally Ann
Santa Anna's Retreat
Scarborough Fair
Shady Grove
Spanish Fandangle (Spanish Two Step)
Tam Lin
Texas Quickstep
West Fork Gals
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Young Jane

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wanda Logan
You NEED this songbook!!!!

I have both volumes of these songbooks. I LOVE them!!! The songs are written simply and have the chords and rhythms on the facing page. The selection of songs is perfect for anyone into bluegrass or old-time tunes!

Laura Bell
Fantastic little songbook

This is just what I was looking for! It is a perfect size for me because, even though it fits in my dulcimer pocket, the print is large enough for me to read clearly and the book lays flat. There's even enough space between the lines on the chord/strum side to add the words to the songs. The pages are easy to separate and turn, even for old, dry fingers (this is important to you if everyone has been waiting on you while you are trying to separate thin pages to get to the right song!) The pages also feel durable and I'm not worried about them bending, crinkling, or curling. No regrets here!