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Fret Saw

Item Number 2340079

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Also available in our dulcimer hardware kit, this fret cutting saw is perfect for cutting the grooves for the fret wire on the fingerboard of your mountain dulcimer. The largest rectangular blade cuts perfect slots for the dulcimer fret wire we carry.
Here are the specs on the fret saw blades, from largest to smallest: 1) cutting depth - 1 1/8", length - 5 1/2", 15 teeth per inch, .012" kerf; 2) cutting depth - 3/8", length - 4 1/2", 32 teeth per inch, .008" kerf; 3) (keyhole blade): length - 5 1/4", 24 teeth per inch, .022" kerf; 4) (keyhole blade): length - 2 1/4", 24 teeth per inch, .022" kerf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Larry Hostetter
fret saw and frets

i refreted and old dulcimer so i did'nt use the saw except to clean out the slots.the frets are excellent made it sound like new.i recommend folkcraft to everyone.Richard Ash was very helpful.Thanks

glenn bohn

Works good

Mary Ellen Lounsbery
Fret Saw and more

I have ordered several items recently from Folkcraft, besides the Fret Saw I’ve ordered 12 sets of strings, strap buttons, nut and bridge material, a book etc…. Most of the orders were filled and shipped pretty much on the same day. My items arrived in great condition and as always high quality products.

Detailed Saw

Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but like the looks of it and the different blades. looks like it would be good for fine detail work only, which is why i bought it.

william dennis
Evaluation of fret saw

To be truthful I'm kinda disappointed with the fret saw. I build mountain dulcimers and use medium/medium fret wire. There is not a blade with that saw that fits the tang width. But it's pretty good to clean up nuts and bridges with...