JM Bolton - Early Music For The Bowed Psaltery

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"Early Music For The Bowed Psaltery" contains 30 compositions from the 13th to the 18th centuries. Arranged as solos, duets, trios, quartets, and rounds for bowed psaltery, or any treble instrument such as the flute, recorder or violin.

A wonderful collection of European music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque Periods, "Early Music For The Bowed Psaltery" belongs in every psaltery player's library.

Song list:

Sumer Is Icumen In (The Cuckoo Song)
Sterla Do Dia - From: "Cantigas De Santa Marie"
Como Poden Per Sas Culpas (The Lame Man Healed) - From: "Cantigas De Santa Marie"
Unto Us Is Born A Son (Puer Nobis Nascitur) - Composed by: Moosburg Gradual
Veni, Veni Emanuel (Key Of C)
Veni, Veni Emanuel (Key Of G)
All In A Garden Green - Composed by: William Byrd
Ballet Du Roy I - Composed by: Michael Praetorius
Ballet Du Roy II & III - Composed by: Michael Praetorius
Bell Qui Tiens Ma Vie - Composed by: Thoinot Arbeau
Branle De L'Officiele - Composed by: Thoinot Arbeau
Branle De La Torche - Composed by: Michael Praetorius
Canon - Composed by: Thomas Tallis
Carman's Whistle - Composed by: William Byrd
Come Live With Me - From: "The Merry Wives Of Windsor"
Fortune My Foe (Key Of C) - From: "The Merry Wives Of Windsor"
Fortune My Foe (Key Of G) - From: "The Merry Wives Of Windsor"
Gaillarde - Composed by: Claude Gervaise
Greensleeves - Composed by: Henry Tudor
Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home - Composed by: John Dowland
On This Day The Earth Shall Ring
Where Griping Grief - Composed by: Richard Edwards
Hold Thy Peace - From: "Twelfth Night"
We Be Soldiers Three - From: "A Winter's Tale"
Gathering Peascods - Composed by: John Playford
Goddesses - Composed by: John Playford
Hornpipe From Abdelazer (Hole In The Wall) - Composed by: Henry Purcell
Newcastle - Composed by: John Playford
Jenny Pluck Pears - Composed by: John Playford
Rondo From Abdelazer - Composed by: Henry Purcell
Sellenger's Round - Composed by: John Playford