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Adjustable Bowed Psaltery Bow

Item Number 2360015

Regular price $25.00

Our adjustable bowed psaltery bow is 1/10 the size of a standard wood violin bow. Our bow features synthetic horse hair (for long life and consistent tone), and measures about 18 inches long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Herb McMurtry
Adjustable Psaltery Bow

This bow is ok… I prefer the traditional non adjustable bow with synthetic hair…I think the hair on this bow is horse hair though it was advertised as synthetic hair.
With the synthetic bow I don’t have to remember to relax the hair after playing!! At my age (in my 9th decade) the fewer things I have to remember the better! If I were playing Violins horse hair would be my choice….Psalteries aren’t that critical.

Matt Berg
Best Bow Available

The adjustable mouse on this bow makes it far more useful than any bow without it.

Chuck Woodson

Good little bow for the price.